Certificate Services in .NET

In an assignment of Terbit information Systems we developed some interfaces for their new Dentist Information system. This is a webbased system completely programmed in ASP.Net. Their need was some interfaces to other systems, which could also be used in desktop applications. Therefor we decided to define an architecture, created these services as DLLs which can be easily used in both ASP.NET and .NET itself. Sample applications, documentations and tests were also provided.

Ermers consultancy created the following interfaces:

  • Interface to HL7 based systems (two-way communication)
    • This involved creating a socket client and server, which communicate with a Host system in HL7. After that, all information was wrapped up in easy accessible classes, conform the HL7 specification.
  • Interface to BSN (Burger Service Nummer)
  • Interface to Vecozo, for insurance information
    • For the two interfaces mentioned above it was necessary to do some certification juggling and after that interprete the protocols used. An OO wrapper was written to present the results
  • Interface to Docentric, a Document Generation Application
  • Interface to a proprietary system for Rontgen Analysis Software

All interfaces were written in the same style, thereby hiding all implementation details for the programmers

Techniques used:

  • C#, ASP.NET
  • Dependency Injection
  • SOAP
  • HL7
  • IDE used: Visual Studio