This is my hobby project!

In 1978 I bought my first synthesizer, a Crumar DS II. A few years later I was introduced to the capabilities of interfacing synthesizers to computers. I was one of the first people to release a so-called sequencer: A program making it possible to communicate with synthesizers from and to computers. About 200 copies were sold (for quite an impressive price).


(Remember this was 25 years ago!)

The program was written in C and assembler and was multitasking. Programming music software has been my passion ever since.

The projects presented here were written over the last five years and mostly written in Delphi, although also hardware interfaces were used with Arduino. Moreover some frontends were written in HTML/CSS/etc.

This is my current setup:

ruud setup
(From Left To Right: )
Behringer BCR2000, for controlling effects and sequencer sounds
Laptop, running Reaper and a lot of VSTs, including selfwritten (Juce)
Steinberg CMC-QC for some master controls and Revox simulation

(Middle, From top to bottom)
LG Screen, showing VCBMS
Crumar DS2 used as Total Recall controller to Reaper for lead synths
Two Behringer BCR2000, for controlling Dual Workstation and Drum controller
Samsung U70, Dual Workstation view
Roland D70, used as workstation controller
Yamaha W5, used as workstation controller

Acer Screen, showing 4 virtual 960 Sequencers
Steinberg CMC-FD for volume control of sequencers
Behringer BCR2000, for realtime Sequencer Control

Moog 960 Software emulation

The Moog 960 Sequencer is one of the most used sequencers in electronic music. It is a very versatile device which enables musicians to be very expressive with sequences. The Moog 960 sequencer has options to set Amplitude, filter and pitch settings individually. Moreover two Moog 960 can be linked together. I have created an […]

VST Loader

VST Loader is a small piece of software which enables to load one or more VST plugins within a container DLL. After that, (almost) everything is transparent to the Host. Loading/Saving, Program changes, MIDI, Audio works as expected. Moreover, the Loader reacts to, and generates Virtual Controller Data. This means that any change in any […]

Virtual Controller Based MIDI System

The goal of this project is to be able to control any VST Host software from hardware controllers. There are many VST Hosts, like Cubase, Ableton but all of them are almost impossible to be controlled completely from hardware controllers. Many times you have to click on tiny buttons on the PC screen, and go […]

Antique Crumar DS2 as controller for Cubase

The Crumar DS2 is an old synthesizer which was used around the 1980s. It comes close to a Minimoog, with its own characteristics. It was very unstable at the time. After more than 30 years this synthesizer was modified to be part of a modern Cubase setup. All internals were removed and instead of using […]

Crumar DS2 Now Total Recall

This last year I spent a lot of time on making the Crumar DS2 "Total Recall". Total Recall means that what you see on the DS2 is exactly the same as what the values are in the VST it is controlling. There are almost no synthesizers which can do this: When you a change a patch on a synthesizer, the controller just shows the wrong values. This […]

Total Recall Lead Synth setup

As you may see the most upper synthesizer (the lead Synth) is not a regular controller. Well, in fact it is! It is comprised of 5 Behringer CMD-DV-1 DJ controllers with a keyboard (Graphite) below. This lead synth is a real fine example of a controller system which fully supports Total Recall through the Virtual Controller construction. It supports 3 VCO's […]

Crumar DS2 VST in JUCE and DelphiASIO

I finally created a VST for my Crumar DS2. I was using a very ancient DS2 simulation (allthough very nice) but wanted to try to create it myself. I always wanted to create a reproduction of the DS2 so when I got some spare time the last weeks I decided to go for it. I knew JUCE was the way to go nowadays, but I really have a soft spot for the Delphi & ASIO packages from Christian Budde and TobyBear. […]