Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is defined as connecting all devices with all services through network connections. Ermers Consultancy has large experience with IoT, especially small connected devices used for Home Automation. Connections can be made through RF433, Usb, Wifi, Bluetooth, and many more. Services and capabilities play roles on each connected device.
Going from small to larger entities involve web servers, web services and interfaces to other subsystems. Please browse the examples to get the feeling for a fully connected environment.

Android based multiroom media system (Educational project)

At the HAN, University of Applied Science, in a course on Operating Systems and network programming this project was introduced by Ruud Ermers. There were five groups of bachelor students who could choose from 7 projects. This project, however, was chosen by two groups of students. For this, Ruud Ermers played the role of product […]

Home Automation with Android and small embedded systems

In this project many home automation features are linked together to give an insight on practical implementation for Home Automation services. Many ideas find their root in a project carried out together with TASS, named AMIGO. Although not maintained for several years it serves as an Architecture pattern on which IoT applications can be build. […]

Voice controlled services for remote operation of DLNA/Upnp devices

The goal of this project was to gain experience with Google Voice Recognition services. Therefor a use case was set up to control Multimedia throughout the house by Voice commands. This usecase turned out to be succesful, however there are a few drawbacks. First off all, the system makes use of a standard media server […]