Over the years Ermers Consultancy was involved in many technical projects with large companies like ASML, Oce Technologies, Philips, NXP, Vanderlande. Roles played were developer, coach, course developer. Besides that, many projects were in cooperation with smaller companies and individuals. Ermers Consultancy focuses on short research projects, many times exploring new technologies and proposing new architectures according to the latest developments. In the past this research was adopted to course material. These pages present a few projects from the past (2010, Embedded Linux) up to the present (.NET services).

Embedded Webserver on ARM9

Ermers Consultancy was presented the following research question: We have a measuring system on a ship, based on an ARM-9 C environment. We want to download measurements to a Host system. This host system is located at another location, only an ethernet connection is available. Also, we want to upload configuration files to the system. How to proceed? […]

Research on low power solutions for internet connected Embedded Systems

Ermers Consultancy was presented the following research question: We have an in-field application which everyday has to report its status to some webserver. Moreover, the current solution uses old hardware. Also, power consumption should be as low as possible. What is the best solution to update our application to modern standards. We have worked on […]

Android/Arduino remote controlled car (Educational Project)

At Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN), department ICT, we teach first year students the basics of Embedded Systems using Arduino hardware and software. After six weeks (20 hours weekly), students are given an assignment to show their skills. We created an assignment for excellent students which is also used as a demo. The assignment is to […]

Certificate Services in .NET

In an assignment of Terbit information Systems we developed some interfaces for their new Dentist Information system. This is a webbased system completely programmed in ASP.Net. Their need was some interfaces to other systems, which could also be used in desktop applications. Therefor we decided to define an architecture, created these services as DLLs which […]

Embedded Linux for Small Medium-Sized Business

With a grand of the SIA (a dutch innovation stimulation organisation) Ruud Ermers was assigned as project leader and technical architect (2008-2010) for a project to bring Embedded Linux to SMEs. At that time Embedded Linux was hardly used, except from some large companies like Philips and NXP. With the aid of many students, many […]