Ermers Consultancy specializes in technical cources, mostly in the field of technical programming languages (C, C++) and software design (Java, UML). As a former course designer of Fontys University, Electrical Engineering and Technical ICT, Ruud Ermers is capable to investigate with you the required expertise for you or your company. Courses can be designed any way you like, however some good practices should always be considered:

  • Working with existing materials, augmented with an overall view
  • A good mix of practical assignments and theoretical background
  • Adapt to the knowledge of participants
  • Modern concepts like blended learning and flipped classroom

Ruud Ermers has experience in coaching small and large groups, from 1st grade university to graduation bachelor students. He also has experience with adult education (Post-HBO)

C++ and UML

This coarse was adapted for HAN University of Applied Science. Participants had a background in JAVA programming and some basic C knowledge. The step from Java to C++ is larger than sometimes is assumed. Especially working with RAII (Resource allocation is initialization) creates various problems and different approaches are needed. The course also handles state […]

Object Oriented Programming and design

We develop OOP courses for various audiences. Sometimes people want to move from C to C++, or have only some basic programming skills with e.g. Javascript. Then, JAVA is a good choice. Most important, a course should fit its audience but also should address the real world of programming. Therefor, topic could or should include: […]

C programming and Operating Systems

Ermers Consultancy has designed many courses, using the C language: Course on basic C programming with Arduino Course on C programming and dynamic data structures (memory, pointers, lists, trees) Course on C programming with UML for Embedded Systems (MPLab) Course on C programming with Operating Systems (Linux) Programming in C also learns you all basic […]

Device Drivers

This course was developed for students which already have a strong background in C programming and Operating Systems. Practical assignments can be programmed under Windows (Win32) and Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi). Major goals of the course include: Working with user and kernel mode in Linux and Windows. Understanding Device driver concepts like reading/writing, virtual/physical memory, […]